How Your Data Lets You Conquer the Universe

For Dune fans the phrase He who controls the spice controls the universe” should sound familiar. Frank Herbert was writing about a valuable substance that fueled interstellar travel in his sci-fi classic, Dune – but, he could just as easily have been talking about your company’s data.

Your data is the spice that fuels your business. It’s the key ingredient that can help you make better decisions, gain a competitive edge, and drive growth.

And just like the spice in Dune, your data is not something that should be hoarded and kept hidden away. Instead, it should be used to:

Accelerate Your Business with Actionable Intelligence: Like the word data, decision making comes in all different shapes and sizes. Therefore, we use the term ‘Actionable Intelligence’ which applies when you’re making a business decision, functioning in a workflow, visualizing KPIs in a dashboard or trying to automate for efficiency, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve.

Gain a Competitive Advantage from Process and Learnings: Data is not just the files you open or the emails you’ve sent. It’s also the processes that you follow to produce your products and services, and then it’s the iterative method that you go through to improve this consistently over time. By treating your processes as the Intellectual Property (data) that they are, you’ll have the keys to amplifying simplicity, efficiency, and automation across your business.

Discover the next thing: Stop relying on your gut feel to make the big decisions. By interpreting and understanding what your data is saying, you can discover what is the likely best next step to make. Take us for example – we were busy actively helping our client base solve complex problems across industries and engagement models. We have our heads down, churning out solutions. During the pandemic, we looked at the commonalities in our internal data from three different perspectives and understood that there was a gap in the market. We responded by launching four separate as-a-service offerings to cater to 99% of today’s business challenges, making it easier for our clients to move forward with their business goals.

Engage your Employees and Customers and have better relationships: The best way to create better relationships is to understand what’s going well and what isn’t. You need to be working with the data you already have, understanding what it isn’t telling you then going out and building data around the exact thing you can’t yet understand, perhaps by even directly asking them(?!). Then, with all the data at your fingertips you can engage your employees with personalized training and development, resulting in a more productive and engaged workforce and understand the needs and preferences of your customers, resulting in more personalized experiences and increased customer loyalty.

Focusing your business for growth: Every entrepreneur knows that the road to success isn’t smooth, it’s got its fair share of bumps, potholes and even the odd sinkhole to catch you out enroute. Having the process and data available to navigate your way is imperative for your success. By having the KPIs and other operational data available to make decisions fast to pivot away and correct your course, you can focus your business for growth and navigate the road to success.

Just remember, He who controls the spice controls the universe. It’s time to start getting out there and conquer!

Of course, as with most things, it’s easier said than done. So, if you need some advice – we’re more than happy to help.

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