Fun Fact:

Did you know that cybercriminals’ last act before notifying you that you’ve been hacked is to destroy your backups?

SMARTaaS Recovery

Mavenspire has decades of experience helping our clients recover from catastrophic events. We understand that there is a world of difference being focused on backing up data and being able to recover operations and get back to work.

Top 10 List of “Missed Opportunities” in Recovering your Business

Storing the incident response plan on the production environment (and then not being able to get to it in an emergency)

Not running monthly DR exercises (and finding out the backups aren’t usable when it counts)

Only making one copy of your data (IDC recommends at least three using different kinds of storage devices and airgap)

Doing an amazing job backing up only the data center (but missing out on the hundreds of workstations that will be needed to use anything

Assuming Google and Microsoft have good backups of your collaboration environments (scalar cloud providers build to overcome hardware failures, not cyber-attacks)

Phones? Who uses Phones anymore? (in fact, a lot of people, and it gets very crazy when no one has a backup of the how it was put together)

Realizing that Cyber isn’t covered under your general business insurance policy (yes – this happens)

Not having an alternate environment to recover to in a cyber attack (you must preserve the evidence and that takes time – quick means having alternate hardware or location)

Immutable means untouchable right? (In fact its pretty easy for bad guys to blow up immutable data if they work outside the application)

Bad guys were only there a few hours (in fact they could have been there weeks – checking your data in a clean room before restoring means you don’t have to do it multiple times)

With Mavenspire’s SMARTaaS Recovery, we go beyond traditional backup-as-a-service offerings. We understand that hardware failures are not nearly as common as cyber-attacks, and focus on what’s important – RECOVERY

Good backups are key to protecting businesses from threats, but quick and effective recovery is often overlooked. By combining market leading tools with our customer-focused services, we provide:

Air-gapped backup for devices, systems, and applications – cloud-based and on-prem

Disaster Recovery for mission critical systems

Removal of threats from the protected backups

Cover not just the data center – the whole business

Recovery within hours, not days or weeks

Hands-on support for Ransomware events

SMARTaaS Recovery is a managed, outcome-based concierge service that brings you the best tools, expertise, and methodology to ensure your recovery when you need it.

Mavenspire doesn’t stop there – we also offer services to help you get ready for battle – from understanding where you are today to ensuring you have the right risk mitigation strategies to safeguard your business.

Are you getting your money’s worth from your cybersecurity investments?

Make sure your investments are providing the protection you’ve paid for with a SMARTaaS CyberRisk Assessment.

SMARTaaS CyberRisk Assessment