Did you know?

In June 2023 the Bad Guys figured out how to get into Microsoft Sharepoint online without needing a compromised endpoint.

SMARTaaS Secure

Mavenspire has decades of experience helping our clients build security into their technology infrastructure and keep bad people out.

We hear business owners say that keeping up with the bad guys is an impossible task. The bad guys –

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    Have amazing customer service, and its almost easier to pay the ransom with the friendly operator than fight the battle (Organized Cyber Crime is the third largest economy in the world – and it has better NPS scores than most companies)

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    Are constantly innovating – they try new vectors of attack seemingly every second! (Cyber criminals have created a layered eco-system of attacks, call centers, target lists, and more can all be purchased as “hacking-as-a-service” kits)

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    Keep coming back for more (Once you pay, you are very popular with hacker communities)

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    Know that you have limited defenders – or maybe none (the security job market is tight – and even if you find someone, it really takes a village to keep up)

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    Love the Cloud! (Companies often misunderstand responsibilities in consuming cloud services and leave the door open)

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    Use security against us! (Ever heard of MFA bombing, it’s a little like Pavlov’s dog)

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    Have only gotten more vicious since we work from home (yeah – leaving the castle walls has made things more complicated)

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    Are driving our insurance premiums through the roof (they really want your insurance to pay claims, so sometimes they leave notes asking you to fix vulnerabilities so you can stay insured for them to return later)

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    Seem to read our minds and stay ahead of our every defense (We understand this is frustrating! Think of this like telemarketing – there are just so many out there trying different things)

Mavenspire’s SMARTaaS Security suite is a curated and constantly reviewed technology stack that we manage for our clients. SMARTaaS Security is a gapless solution for assessing, identifying, and mitigating the most critical security threats targeting businesses.

We’ve chosen a best-in-class tool for each piece of the ransomware kill chain and we fit them together so you don’t pay for more than you need while covering all your gaps.

Threat Detection

Know when you are being attacked and do something about it

Managed Risk

Proactively assess new threats and how they apply to your business

Identity Management

Seamless, multi-factor management across your business platforms

Employee Awareness

Make sure your people are in the loop through short, frequent and funny curated training

Device Management

Whether Firewalls, SDWAN, or endpoint – make sure they have the configurations that help and not hurt

Third party Risk & Reputation

Make sure you know and manage your security score and also the scores of your vendors

Mavenspire doesn’t stop there – we also offer services to help you get ready and survive the oncoming battle

From understanding where you are today (or being a neutral third party to evaluate your current capabilities) to ensuring you have the recovery mechanisms in place to get back to work if the unthinkable occurs.

Are you getting your money’s worth from your cybersecurity investments?

Make sure your investments are providing the protection you’ve paid for with a SMARTaaS CyberRisk Assessment.

SMARTaaS CyberRisk Assessment