Just the Facts

It’s Time to Demystify the Cloud

Words have meaning – but in technology sometimes a word can be used a lot of different ways. Cloud is a word that describes an economic model, a type of managed service, housing systems and data outside of the organization, paying for an outcome or software without needing to burden the technical debt or complexities of it and more. One word — 100 meanings. It’s not surprising that Mavenspire spends a lot of time with clients trying to understand what they mean when they use the term “cloud.”

Some people think the cloud is a source of inexpensive, unlimited data storage. Others see the cloud as a one-size-fits-all, stand-alone solution. And others still think the cloud is an abstract virtual oasis where all your technology dreams come true. At Mavenspire, we prefer to stick to the facts. We demystify the cloud — its abilities — and its benefits. (That includes the good and the bad.) After all, the optimal cloud strategy is one that supports your business objectives today and well into the future.


Lack of clarity can lead you down expensive, unsatisfactory roads. While some people interpret the cloud as a billing model, others refer to the cloud as universal connectivity. You’ll find even more confusion around the different cloud models: public, private and hybrid. As you map your path to the cloud, think about what the cloud means to you and ensure the key stakeholders at your organization share the same definition.


Why do you want to move to the cloud? What are your expectations? And be specific. Some people are looking to the cloud to meet compliance requirements. Others want to implement a backup and recovery solution or better support a remote workforce. Identifying your desired outcome is key to building the cloud strategy that’s right for your business now — and five years from now. (Mythbuster: If your sole reason for moving to the cloud is saving money, the cloud isn’t for you.)


Imagine the day when your dream cloud model is in place — “ahhh.” Now, imagine day #2 — “dun-dun-duuuuuuuuuun!” Who is going to manage, maintain and support your day-to-day cloud operations? Whom will you call if something goes wrong? You can contract with a company for managed cloud services, but it will cost you. Factor in ongoing support as you weigh the pros and cons of transitioning to the cloud.


Who will shepherd you through your cloud migration? Who will ensure you have the right labor, training and long-term support? Look to the Mavenspire team for decades of experience guiding clients through their cloud journey. We can be that guide, ensuring your cloud strategy aligns with your objectives and meets your expectations.