SMARTaaS FaaST – What is Performance Management?

Mavenspire created the SMARTaaS offerings with two core values:

1) Be focused on the outcome provided

2) Focus on problems that are not already addressed in the market. Our SMARTaaS Secure, Recovery, FaaST, and CommanDaaS exemplify both.

Traditional managed services (or even IT services) focuses on the function and sometimes patching of a given server or system. This is very important when doing “keep the lights on” operations. What gets missed is evaluating networks, servers, and systems on the speed in which they perform. Mavenspire has over 20 years of designing and implementing high performance networks and systems to take on the most grueling challenges of the day. It’s in our blood – and we decided to distill our methodology into an offering that works together with traditional managed services that focuses on performance.

Remember the good old days of dial-up internet, when you’d start loading a webpage, make a cup of coffee, and maybe learn a new hobby while you waited? Even in the worst case, it’s probably not today’s experience, but there is no lack of people still complaining about the speed of their Internet or WIFI or Application as they try to get work done.

The Problem with Performance

Performance Management has been likened to looking at an iceberg – you can see it – but only the smallest part of it. The real problems are below the waves. SMARTaaS FaaST takes in information from all parts of the network, infrastructure, server, and applications to be able to create baselines (what it looks like when its good) to quickly identify what is going wrong under the waves (when its going bad). Yes – before you even ask, we use analysis tools that leverage AI to help sort through the raw data and bring actionable intelligence to the front.

Have you ever experienced the panic of trying to get that critical report generated by 9am?

Ever feel like your WiFi signal is playing hide and seek? One minute it’s there, the next it’s gone.

Sometimes, it feels like your network traffic is stuck in a never-ending traffic jam.

What about when your CRM application freezes or crashes just when you need to get a quote out to your client—classic.

SMARTaaS FaaST is our secret weapon against sluggish performance. Combining information and expertise, we focus on all the elements of an information superhighway.

What’s next for FaaST?

It’s a little bit of an inside joke, but we noticed that people have different definitions of the word FAST. Technology tends to evolve where what is today’s FAST is tomorrow’s SLLLOOOOWWWW. The rise of generative AI is moving the needle on the definition of FAST and Mavenspire is ready, already evolving our offerings to work at 5x speeds and more from current day needs. MSI is also looking into adding telemetry on power usage – because next generation systems require so much more power hit peak performance, and it’s potentially possible it just won’t be there.

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