What Does a Name Mean? SMARTaaS Recovery

Ah, SMARTaaS Recovery—our cheeky little nod to actually getting things done in the tech world. MSI created SMARTaaS offerings with two key principles in mind:

  1. Outcome-Focused: We care about results, not just processes.
  2. Unique Solutions: We tackle the problems others overlook.

Our SMARTaaS Secure, Recovery, FaaST, and CommanDaas are perfect examples.

The Lowdown on SMARTaaS Recovery

SMARTaaS Recovery isn’t just about having a good backup (because let’s be honest, that’s the bare minimum). The whole goal is to get your data center, systems, and workstations back online and ready for action after a cyberattack or other disruptive incident. Because we stay focused on the outcome, Mavenspire has been the knight in shining armor for many organizations post-attack, and we’ve packed all the essential features and processes into our offering to make recovery as smooth as possible. We understand that to achieve that outcome, we have to address three major problems:

Problem One: Bad Guys Love Your Backups

When hackers infiltrate your systems, they lay low and map out your entire setup, including backups and security measures. They’re planning to make your life difficult by targeting your backups first. That’s why having multiple copies of data—on-prem and off, immutable, and offline—is crucial. Forget software-only immutability; it’s too easily compromised. We’re talking about physical, offline copies that hackers simply can’t touch.

Problem Two: It’s Not Just the Data Center

Restoring your data center is just the beginning. Your employees need access to those systems to get back to work. Too often, companies focus on data centers and then realize, with panic, the weeks it’ll take to reimage workstations and get their staff operational again. We’ve been there, done that, and designed SMARTaaS Recovery to avoid those nightmares.

Problem Three: Forensics and Recovery Dance

Restoring from a cyber attack isn’t a simple “click and restore.” It involves making forensic copies of the damage for analysis—a process that can drag on for weeks. We’ve included fast, on-demand storage arrays to speed this up and even offer a rental program for air-gapped cleanrooms to ensure that the restored data is free from any nasty hacker tools.

The Bottom Line

SMARTaaS is all about outcomes. We leverage decades of experience to constantly innovate our services to meet the evolving needs of our clients. What’s next for SMARTaaS Recovery? We’re looking at on-prem appliances for “instant” restore and recovery of virtual environments. We’ve learned the limitations of current appliances and are now offering solutions that allow storage and compute to scale independently. No more one-size-fits-all; we’re extending utility computing to local caches and quick restores.

When it comes to bouncing back from a disaster, we’ve got your back. Literally.

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