Multiple tools. Daily log reports. Large Invoices. Huge cyberinsurance premiums. Painful data security audits. Continued Stress. No sleep.

Something isn’t adding up.

Make sure your investments are providing the protection you’ve paid for with a SMARTaaS CyberRisk Assessment. The bad guys are impressive innovators, so what kept you safe last quarter might not be enough now.

Within a few weeks, you’ll have answers to the following questions:

  • Are your current configuration policies up-to-date? Are they really being used?
  • We’ll report on the back doors that need to be slammed shut

  • Microsoft and Google don’t take responsibility for securing your cloud-based data. We’ll show you how safe it really is.

  • If you share data with third parties or rely on them for critical parts of your supply chain, you should know how their security posture measures up. We’ll give you their letter grade.

  • Requirements change constantly (and they don’t get any more lenient).
  • We’ll provide a framework-specific report to ease your audit pain

  • We’ll tell you exactly what they are looking for and let you know if you measure up
  • You’ll have a formatted report to provide your insurer for your next policy renewal

  • When you’ve got your bases covered, we’ll source multiple cyberinsurance policy quotes for you, so you get the best deal possible

Pricing Levels


Cybersecurity Wellness Check
  • Endpoint focused internal vulnerability scans (for any Geography)
  • External scan + evaluation to quantify organizational risk (as others would see it)


Collaboration & CyberInsurance
  • Essential AND
  • Cloud based Collaboration Environments (M365/Google)
  • On Prem Firewall
  • Third Party Risk Summary
  • Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment
  • Re-Scan after one-month/remediation efforts
  • Post-remediation CyberInsurance Quotes

Premium +

Data Compliance Audit Readiness
  • Premium AND
  • Compliance Oriented Reviews and Reporting

Mavenspire’s SMARTaaS CyberRisk Assessment provides detailed reporting explained by one of our expert engineers and a second scan post-remediation to make sure you’ve closed all the holes. The assessment takes just a few weeks from soup to nuts and costs much less than you think. Email to learn more.