Vision + Strategy

Put Your Trust in SMARTaaS

So, you bring your business goals and we’ll bring our deep knowledge of what technology can enable today and into the future. With your vision in mind, we’ll evaluate the options and plot out base camps that will adhere to your resource constraints and get you where you need to be.

Cloud Strategy

Everyone talks about the cloud, but they don’t agree on a definition of the term. Let’s drop the jargon and start with your desired outcomes and SLAs. We’ll match the many available tactics to achieve your priorities. Many of our clients expect to save money by moving to cloud, but unfortunately, the wrong strategy can have you paying through the nose. Mavenspire will start with an economic analysis of your cloud options to design a solution that provides a balance between agility and productivity in a multi-cloud world.  One of our clients saved so much money in Azure fees that they were able to refresh their entire data center.

Simplifying Ops

Mid-market organizations often have IT personnel wearing many hats, so Mavenspire helps organizations choose solutions that simplify IT operations and management. For example, Hyper-converged solutions eliminate the need to manage and monitor external storage systems by centralizing management at the virtualization management console. Hyper-converged solutions also work well for remote offices where resources may not be available to diagnose and resolve technical issues. Additionally, software-defined and virtualization technologies simplify technology management, allowing administrators to apply more advanced automation capabilities.

Technology Interpreter

Making good decisions around technology is not black and white. Solutions can be amazing and innovative – hey, sometimes they’re even relatively easy to implement and functional – and still not right for your business. On top of that, new technologies come out, morph into other technologies, and burn out so quickly that it can be next to impossible to know what’s what at any given time.

Mavenspire believes in helping clients understand new technologies and educating them so they can figure out what is right for their organization. We work with our clients to translate all the buzz from articles, vendors, videos, conferences, etc. into something they can use to make the right decision at the right time for their business. We want to give our clients the tools to be able to make their own determination, without being held back by fear of moving too soon or swept up in hype to race too far ahead.