Knowledge + Creativity + Persistence

If There Was a Problem, Yo, I’ll Solve It

SMARTaaS is a term Mavenspire created to encapsulate our unique approach to solving complex technology problems. First, gather the brightest technology experts with a passion for excellence and the love of a good challenge. Then, add next-level personal concierge service and best-in-breed technology. That’s what we call Smart as a Service.

SMARTaaS Recovery

It’s true. Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you. With no warning, you could find yourself on the wrong end of a ransomware attack. (Is there actually a right end?) Your data and all business-critical applications are gone. How much could one hour, one week or even one month of downtime cost you? Do you have a backup and recovery solution? And if so, when was the last time you tested it? With Mavenspire’s SMARTaaS Recovery Service, your business is back up and running within 8 hours of an attack because every second counts.

SMARTaaS Secure

How successful would a cybercriminal be if they had enough $$ to hire the people who designed and built key network components for the largest technology companies in the world and had them explain every last vulnerability? Right. Really %#!& successful. That’s why cybersecurity is such a tough gig. To avoid a breach, you need to be a moving target. SMARTaaS Secure keeps the bad guys out by bringing the right knowledge, high-level security vendor relationships and best-of-breed tools that we evaluate every quarter to make sure they are evolving as fast as the criminals.



We’ve all been there. You’re trying to run a report or share a file, but your technology is moving at the speed of slow-motion sloth. The sad truth is many of us have come to accept slow technology as a part of modern life. Well, no more. If there’s anything the data experts at Mavenspire love it’s a challenge. SMARTaaS FaaST is a revolutionary new solution that monitors your entire network, end to end, identifies what’s slowing you down and corrects it. And SMARTaaS FaaST keeps monitoring your infrastructure along with new software, devices and updates to effectively put an end to slow once and for all.