We Do What It Takes

So You Can Finally Sleep at Night

We’ve been around for 25 years, so we’ve seen cybersecurity threats evolve over the decades. Today’s criminals are much more sophisticated than the hacks from even 18 months ago. Think you’ll be able to recover with your backup? Today, one of the first steps in the kill chain is to find and destroy your backups. Your protection needs to rapidly evolve with the threats. Mavenspire’s SMARTaaS security offerings are all about outcomes. With our Secure offering our experts do what needs to be done to keep the bad guys out. If your organization is breached, our Recovery offering will put you back in business within 8 hours. We know how your network sausage is made, so we’ll advise on the vulnerabilities, bring the best-in-breed toolset to cover your gaps (without wasteful duplication).


You have to know where you are to get where you want to be. And only sound, objective assessments can shed light on hidden security gaps. Think about it: We live in a multivariate IT universe of cloud, containers, VMs, third parties and IoT devices. Today’s attack surface is broad, and the threat opportunities can seem endless. Look to the Mavenspire team of security experts for holistic insight into all potential types of breaches, including physical access (locks, cameras, badges), internal networks, external networks, vendors and social engineering threats.



Effective recovery comes down to speed. After all, even the most reliable and sophisticated backup and recovery solution on the planet won’t mean a thing if recovery takes too long. That’s why Mavenspire emphasizes speed to recovery. We prioritize recovery in hours — not weeks. And we mean true recovery. When your staff is actively working on their desktops and able to access your network (and the daily Wordle) — that’s what true recovery looks like.


Cyber Insurance & Compliance

In many industries, adhering to compliance requirements around security and data privacy can make or break your business. In addition, cyber liability insurers have increased the level of security protection organizations must have in place before they will issue a new policy, renew an existing policy or pay a claim. Mavenspire’s team of security experts are well versed in highly regulated commercial and federal industries, plus we have relationships with cyber liability insurers, so we know what they all need. We can help you meet the most stringent and complex compliance standards and more. We can help you identify opportunities for improvement, build processes and documentation, reduce overall risk and keep your business moving forward.