Who Is Silver Peak?

SilverPeak.pngSilver Peak is focused on the technologies that optimize how people connect with their data and applications. Getting their start with WAN Acceleration, Silver Peak quickly showed that unlike some of their competitors, their technology was built for the software defined world. Virtual WAN acceleration, Replication acceleration, Hybrid WAN, and Broadband WAN are all key elements of driving SDWAN features to enable cloud computing, reduce the costs associated with operating secure private networks in a world where bandwidth demands are exploding.

Our Valuable Partnership

Mavenspire is proud to have Silver Peak as a partner – their solutions have provided superior results for our clients that almost “bend” the laws the physics and enable disaster recovery and remote office experiences normally unattainable. The virtual products are easy to deploy, provide granular support of applications or workloads, and deliver value to our clients.

Our Primary Solutions

Silver Peak products augment our solutions by

  1. Providing controls for latency and loss on global scale deployments
  2. Increasing the performance of data protection replication over public or bandwidth constrained connections
  3. Enhancing cloud experiences through dynamic “least cost routing”
  4. Enabling WANs that mix MPLS and public technologies without loss of security or stability
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