The Intricacies of Integration

Slaying the Minotaur in the Technology Labyrinth

No man is an island and no technology is either. Yes, we know, some environments are dark sites – they’re still more like colonizing an alien planet with a diverse group than Robinson Crusoe hanging out solo, so we’re sticking with it. Compute, storage, data center networking, edge networking, operating systems, OS, vendor updates, competing HCLs and best practices – all these things, almost always involving more than one vendor, make up the intricate integrations of even a relatively simple environment. Woven into that is the constant and underlying requirement to maintain security and, in many cases, compliance with specific standards. Mavenspire thrives on fitting all the pieces together, combining all the disparate elements into a cohesive and functional whole, and whittling the pieces into the right shape to fit seamlessly with the next piece, providing both tight integration and minimizing the leaks that can so easily happen at the edges of integration.

Broad Expertise

We are not siloed experts who only offer a few things we do well. Mavenspire is made up of seasoned professionals with aggregated decades of experience across many and varied environments. Every technology we’ve worked to understand and implement, as well as every problem we’ve hit and solved at a client site, adds to the knowledge we bring to bear on integrating a solution into your environment. At the same time, we understand that your environment is unique and we value the perspective you bring on how things work and what you need. Environments are made up not just of the technologies upon which they are built, but also the people using and maintaining them over time.

Solution Adoption

At Mavenspire, we believe that a solution is only successful when our clients can actually use it. Because of this, our work with clients doesn’t end with the implementation. We provide options for client education and operational management during a transition period, so you can feel comfortable that you understand and can effectively manage your solution going forward. In addition, our designs aren’t created as standalone architectures. We keep our eye on the greater environment and the larger goals as we design your solutions, so they support your holistic system rather than become a drag to maintain. We believe that clients should be able to understand and support their own environments when we’re done, rather than be held hostage to a solution (or a vendor) that they can’t control.

Cyber Recovery

Protecting data against malicious intent has become a mental race. The majority of cybercriminals are organized and innovative in a way that legitimate businesses might envy (we bet 80% of their money and efforts don’t go to keeping the lights on!). Data protection solutions that are well-known and relied upon heavily by organizations can still be compromised by cybercriminals looking for ways to ensure that companies have no viable choice other than to pay out. Datasets can be encrypted by the bad guys. Replicated copies are subject to corruption from the source. Backup data lockdowns become meaningless when the underlying operating system or database of the data protection appliance itself can be hacked and controlled. Using new technology as well as old technology in new ways, we can build a very sophisticated cyber recovery environment that allows you to air gap the data protection system itself, a copy of the backup data and the networks accessing the system.