Exponential Growth and Complexity

Get a Grip (On Your Data)

Data is getting bigger and sprawling out, especially unstructured data. That data has value to your organization – IF you can harness it. You also need to keep a lot of stuff around just-in-case, and that often has value just in checking the box that you have it (or, sometimes, that you disposed of it thoroughly). Users are just as likely to mess things up as ever (so, you know, pretty likely). And Murphy is doing well and sends his regards.

WTF Data

Big data is quickly becoming WTF data. IDC projects that worldwide data will grow from 33 ZB to as much as 175 ZB in the next 5 years.

Data of all kinds is growing exponentially, and organizations want to do so much more with data than before. You also need to keep a lot of it around, even when you don’t see an immediate use for it, and you want that to happen at the least cost with the least bother. You’ve got it in your datacenter, in the cloud, at branches, maybe across multiple clouds, and it’s potentially a mess. But it’s your mess.

Mavenspire understands the ins-and-outs – not just of standing up storage for data, but of using it effectively. We’ve worked with clients over the years to optimize their data storage, to make sure the slow data can be cheap and the fast data can be accessed fast. We’ve integrated into legacy infrastructure, private, hybrid, and public clouds to meet the needs of the organization.

Data Protection

Data has grown, yes, and yet the inherent problems of data management haven’t gone away. Users still delete critical files when they’re distracted or in the mood to “clean up”. Corruption still happens (politics aside) in perfectly innocent data. Building and datacenters are hit with power loss, floods, network outages, or potentially plagues of murder hornets.

Data Protection means keeping your business running, with its data intact and accessible, despite all of the things that happen. It means being able to recover from problems or – in the best of worlds – not needing to falter in the first place. Mavenspire has been working with clients on data protection strategies over years and in a variety of environments with diverse requirements. We have helped clients work through the complexities of RPO and RTO, not just from the technical side but in getting agreement from the business units owning the data. We’ve walked through the logic of various scenarios and helped clients understand how to balance out risk vs cost, so they’re spending their money and energy on the more likely scenarios and then making judicious decisions about the rest.