Michael Tanenhaus, CEO of Mavenspire quoted in CRN

Mavenspire CEO Michael Tanenhaus was recently quoted in CRN’s article: “Michael Dell On Racial Injustice: I’ve Always Believed Diversity Is Power”

Dell Technologies Chairman and CEO Michael Dell on Monday took to Twitter to share a letter sent to all Dell employees in which he asked them space for tough conversations on how to drive positive socio-economic change for communities of color and find ways to make the changes to be an employer of choice for everyone. 

Michael Dell should be applauded for taking such a strong public stand on this issue. It’s rare to see the CEOs of large public companies take such a stand. CEOs typically take PR (public relations) training to be neutral about politics and similar issues, and leave it to others to take the stands. But now the dam has burst. Dell and others are taking a stand. We’re seeing some pretty awful stuff. We need to be together on this.

Michael Tanenhaus

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