Mavenspire’s Definition of Done

One of Mavenspire’s major differentiators is that once engaged for a project, it’s built into our DNA to ensure our clients reach the business outcomes they desired. If, for whatever reason, things aren’t the way they should be – we make it right.  But what does it mean to “make it right”? To understand, first we have to explain Mavenspire’s Definition of Done:

  • Reaching the metric of success that is determined at the outset of the project. We choose measurable metrics at the beginning of every project so we can recognize this dimension of “right” when we’re done.
  • Ease and simplicity in the solution. If we hit the metric, but the solution is burdensome, that’s not right.
  • Solution as a basecamp on the way to the long-term goal. As a firm, we are devoted to the concept of clients building through short-term goals (basecamps) to reach their long-term goals. If we met the short-term goal, but at the expense of the long-term vision, that’s not right.

If a project doesn’t meet our Definition of Done, we make it right.

It doesn’t happen often due to our proven process, , but if the Mavenspire team finds that we’ve fallen short in any of these dimensions, we sit down with our client and discuss possible action plans, find common ground, and drive forward with confidence. Plans vary greatly on the circumstances and have taken the form of free training, onsite operational assistance, starting over with new solutions or replacing pieces of existing ones, and acknowledging and honoring people who go the extra mile to ensure overall success.

Mavenspire is more than 20 years old, and the breadth of projects and challenges seen over that time have been diverse. We try to remember that they are called challenges because they are not easy, they are not always frustration-free, and they usually require a village to overcome. Our perseverance and desire to ensure the long term success of our clients and to make sure the basecamps lead them there is one of the reasons that clients continue to work with us day-after-day and year-after-year.

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