Mavenspire approved for purchasing by Virginia Higher Education Procurement Consortium

VHEPC approval allows Mavenspire to help Virginia’s educational, healthcare and governmental institutions harness their data.

ANNAPOLIS – July 2, 2020 – The Virginia Higher Educational Procurement Consortium (VHEPC) added Mavenspire as an approved vendor for IT services to Virginia’s public institutions. This contract will allow Mavenspire to add Virginia’s colleges and universities, K-12 schools, healthcare companies and state/local government to its list of clients across the mid-Atlantic.

Brett Hair, Mavenspire’s VP of Partnerships said, “We see great opportunities for organizations in Virginia that take their data strategy to the next level. The need is clear across multiple industries, but particularly pronounced in lower and higher education. With more employees and students working and learning remotely, creating and executing a strategic plan to allow everyone to access what they need efficiently in a secure way is critical to their long-term success.”

According to a May 2020 poll on student challenges related to COVID 19 published by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, more than a third of students reported technology issues and many stated that they didn’t have the tools needed to move to 100% online classes. Many challenges related to virtual learning can be eliminated or greatly lessened with a strategic approach to data access.

Mavenspire helps mid-sized and enterprise organizations throughout the mid-Atlantic solve their most complex IT challenges, passionately enabling its clients’ long-term success through technology. Mavenspire provides expertise in complete and integrated data center solutions through Advisory Services, Network Design & Optimization, Solution Integrity & Security, Data Expansion & Protection and Automation, IoT and Modernization.

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