Extreme Tech Makeover

Over its 20-year history, Mavenspire has consistently given back to our community and charitable organizations. We sponsor weekly programs to support the mission of community enhancers, we nominate one employee each week to participate in a “pay it forward program” to encourage acts of random kindness, and we actively get behind the causes our employees champion.

The pandemic creates a rare opportunity to push our giving spirit to the next level.

Organizations everywhere are struggling. Not being able to be on-site with our customers and prospects has slowed our business significantly. As our clients’ business is on pause, many of our projects are as well, leaving our Consultants with much more time on their hands than usual. As a business owner with a responsibility for my employees, this in an unexpected and frightening prospect. There is so much affecting my business that I can’t control. However, while COVID-19 has presented my company, our country and the world with unprecedented challenges, it has given our team at Mavenspire the rare opportunity to look within ourselves and ask the essential question – “how can we do more?”  

A few years ago, Mavenspire ran an Extreme Tech Makeover program. The goal was to help a non-profit expand their mission through technology that they otherwise could not afford. We received numerous nominations for non-profits around the Mid-Atlantic region and were proud to select a local homeless shelter as our winner.  They needed a way for residents to have individual phone numbers and voice mails so they could apply for jobs and receive messages from potential employers. One of our technology partners donated a phone system and Mavenspire installed it for them, meeting their need and strengthening their resident vocational program.

Today, non-profits are among the hardest hit by our current economic state.

With so many struggling financially in the wake of the pandemic, charitable giving is down, leaving non-profits to struggle. Technology expansion projects would definitely be off the table for them, so we think it’s the perfect time for a reboot of Mavenspire’s Extreme Tech Makeover. 

If you are part of, or you support a mission-focused organization, please click here to tell us about what the organization does and how technology can enhance its ability to impact our community. We will select one application for a fully paid tech make over. These are usually valued around $20K per organization. If your organization is not selected, Mavenspire will work to try to find grants or other discounts to help people achieve their visions. 

Does your organization need tech upgrades to qualify for more grants? Do you need help with your website or fundraising platform? Do you need virtual Chief Information Officer services to help you plot your technological path? Mavenspire can hook you up with all this and more if you are the winner of Extreme Tech Makeover!

We’re taking applications for Extreme Tech Makeover until June 30, 2020. We look forward to seeing your submission!

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