White Knight

When you need a Knight in Shining Armor

At Mavenspire, our White Knight service provides the needed resources and urgency to address specific business affecting situations and providing time sensitive resolution. These short term engagements look to “stop the bleeding” from specific issues from system performance, outages, and/or other customer affecting issues that can endanger core business revenues and relationships. White Knight engagements are “all in” – in that the number of resources used will be selected based on the shortest duration possible.

White Knight engagement begin with a problem – previous examples have ranged from key business applications experience delays in critical report generation, to whole systems crashing under certain levels of load, to the email server crashing without backup. Whatever the problem, is it critical to the success and operation of the organization.

From that problem statement, we work together to define the mission and the team.

For this mission, it is critical to agree upfront what the ideal outcome would be for the situation. Its important to be honest, and to be able to have a frank discussion about the possibilities of success. The goal is to figure out the long term need, so that short term stop gaps can be negotiated.

Once the effort is defined, Mavenspire quickly assembles a team of industry experts – covering all areas of infrastructure and application and deploys them with a single mission – provide a short term workaround for the issue and a strategy to a permanent fix. Short term workarounds look to achieve results in 24 – 48 hours. Mid and long term steps can vary in timescale, and may or may not be part of the White Knight engagement.

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