Software Defined & VIrtualization

What Is the Software-Defined Data Center?

The software-defined data center (SDDC) is a data center architecture that leverages software-defined technologies for storage, network and server resources. Put simply, this is using software (instead of hardware) to build an environment that can quickly meet the needs of an organization. This is accomplished with automation, orchestration and technology features typically attributed to the cloud. In fact, software-defined technologies were originally conceived and developed to power some of the world’s largest public clouds.

Benefits of Software-Defined & Virtualization Technologies

Reduce the administrative burden of IT operations
Software-defined and virtualization technologies will simplify the management of technologies, allowing administrators to apply more advanced automation capabilities.

Minimize the costs associated with IT operations
Decoupling dependencies between the application and its infrastructure will allow prevent over-provisioning as well as reducing the need for hiring specialized skill sets.

Deliver immediate responsiveness to the needs of the business
This more agile, virtual environment empowers organizations to respond faster to new business needs.

Enable increased stability by automating provisioning and support
Human errors are minimized by reusing templates and containers as they are. Stateless computing through mode two application design, and rich user experiences that make it easy to request, operate, and destroy IT resources.

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