Who Is VMware?

Vmware.pngVMware’s mission is One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device and they drive this mission into the products and services they offer. The benefits of the VMware One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device architecture requires a trustworthy and reliable foundation. VMware is the company that moved software-defined servers (virtualization) into the production mainstream. The virtual revolution changed IT economics and scale, and opened the door for automation and orchestration technologies that under lie cloud and service provider organizations.

More than 500,000 customers of all sizes, including the entire Fortune 500, as their reference base, VMware continues to innovate past their roots in server virtualization and define the vision for the future – including the software defined data center (SDDC).

Our Valuable Partnership

Mavenspire is a long-time Enterprise and consulting partner with VMware. We have spent decades working with these technologies to evolve the IT data center, and push IT from being considered an expense category to a competitive business critical advantage.

Our Primary Solutions

Mavenspire solutions leverage software-defined technologies at almost every level. We work together with VMware to provide robust offerings that integrate:

  1. World class hypervisor features and support
  2. Extensible Management and Analytics Innovative Automation and Orchestration
  3. Integrated Business Continuity and Hybrid Cloud
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