World Wildlife Fund


The Story

The World Wildlife Fund is the leading global conservation organization – protecting the future of nature for the last 50 years. The dynamic needs of its staff operating all over the world, coupled with the complexities of a membership and grant funded organization create challenges for the Information Technology team. Over the last decade, Mavenspire has worked side by side with WWF to enhance communication and collaboration, create an agile cloud-like infrastructure to support changing needs, design security and network infrastructures that support converged services, and provide for a robust modern disaster recovery strategy. Technology has evolved to become a key differentiator for WWF – enabling them to be more effective at their mission. Mavenspire is a proud partner of WWFs efforts and was equally honored to be the first recipient of the IT Partnership Excellence Award.

Current Day Scope

Trends such as Big Data, Virtual Desktops, and BYOD have enabled WWF to be more targeted in their efforts. Partners, Staff, and Vendors can participate in collaborative environments from any device and from anywhere in the world.

Key Projects

Storage Architecture

  • Created a storage system that can support the diverse and demanding needs of WWF

Virtualized Datacenter

  • Designed a new server/storage/network paradigm that consolidated facility requirements, increased the performance of existing systems, and allows IT to quickly accommodate for new organizational needs

Disaster Recovery

  • Designed a DR strategy that provides for better availability of services, reduces downtime even in catastrophic situations, and ensures critical service availability
  • Created a process playbook that can be used by any member of the IT staff to guide decisions
  • Conducted testing to ensure IT staff’s knowledge and viability of the process

Network Refresh

  • Designed a new network infrastructure based on 10Gb backplane and datacenter needs
  • Network infrastructure provided converged support and lowered operational costs

Datacenter Construction

  • Served as IV&V (Independent Validation & Verification) for the construction of a new datacenter, ensuring that all WWF operational priorities were served through the physical design of the new datacenter

Datacenter Relocation

  • Provided turn-key services to relocate WWF infrastructure to the new datacenter in the shortest window of time to reduce risk

Security Infrastructure

  • Designed a perimeter security system that meets the needs of WWF and adheres to PCI compliance requirements