Purolite Corporation

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The Story

Purolite is an international manufacturer of chemical and life science products. For over 30 years, Purolite has evolved into the leading provider of key components for products such as bottled water, paint, and nuclear power industries. Mavenspire has been working with Purolite for over 10 years as they have grown and faced the challenges of operating separate businesses in each continent into a single global entity. The focus has been on improving operational efficiencies, creating cost savings, and designing solutions with maximum agility.

Current Day Scope

Purolite’s recent efforts have been focused on launching new products, allocating resources to R&D for new product development, and expanding their global operations to handle increased demand. Mavenspire is assisting Purolite in their day to day operations of datacenter and unified communication technologies, as well as continuing to innovate with technology to diversify their business through new offerings.

Key Projects

  • Datacenter Infrastructure – architected and deployed compact datacenter environments to allow each major facility to roll up to two larger scale datacenters
  • Global WAN – implemented a global MPLS network between all of Purolite’s major sites
  • Global Security – architected and deployed UTM infrastructure around the world
  • Wireless LAN – architected and deployed a unified wireless LAN infrastructure around the world
  • Video Conferencing – architected and deployed video conferencing to major offices and mobile professionals around the world
  • Unified Communication – architected and deployed IP based calling, instant messaging, web meeting, video conferencing for all Purolite employees around the world
  • Global Active Directory – designed and deployed a new Active Directory structure that incorporates all Purolite companies around the world
  • Global Citrix XenDesktop – designed and deployed a global Citrix environment that leverages VDI and XenApp to provide remote services to employees around the world