Calvert County Government

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The Story

Calvert County Government (CCG) has relied on Mavenspire for more than a decade to help overcome the challenges inherent in a fast growing county – changing legislation at the Federal and State level, and the vast needs of a more technical citizenry. Mavenspire has implemented effective changes in the county with thoughtful consideration of the budget and limited bandwidth of their human resources. Mavenspire’s work has touched upon Public Safety systems, permitting requirements, public facilities such as the golf course and pool, and other requests for new technologies.

Current Day Scope

Mavenspire was awarded the contract for providing end to end support on all datacenter systems and maintains its position as the lead consultant for new county needs.

Key Projects

  • Datacenter Infrastructure – architected and deployed datacenters (network, server, storage, virtualization, and power) to support all core systems
  • Wireless WAN Implementation – assisted in the design and implementation of the wireless WAN that interconnects county locations and systems
  • Security – architected and deployed UTM infrastructure around the world
  • Wireless LAN – architected and deployed a unified wireless LAN infrastructure
  • Microsoft Active Directory – designed and deployed a new Active Directory structure that incorporated all CCG locations
  • Microsoft Exchange – designed and deployed Microsoft Exchange services for all locations and employees
  • Citrix XenDesktop – designed and deployed a global Citrix environment that leverages VDI and XenApp to provide remote services to county employees
  • Network Architecture – designed and implemented the campus and extended network configurations for all locations
  • Virtualization Architecture – designed and implemented the virtualization environment for all locations
  • Disaster Recovery – designed, implemented, and audited disaster recovery services and processes for all locations and services