A Shoulder to Lean On

Every organization runs into situation where you need some outside support. It may because you don’t have the right expertise in-house. It may be because you just need another head thinking about a problem. When those situations come up, you want to know who you can call. Mavenspire offers our clients the option of contracting with us for ongoing support.

Our support generally takes one of two forms. The first form is support for a specific time period, particularly post-installation. Clients use this option to help bridge the time between implementation and when their staff feel fully up-to-speed on new systems; it also covers any issues that come up during additional integration and feature exploration on a new system – things that don’t happen during the initial install.

The second form is a contract for a specific number of hours over an unspecified amount of time, to serve as third-tier escalation for systems or an environment. This is a co-managed support option, where we are familiar with your systems and environment and can offer a high level of expertise when you hit a problem or have a question you can’t answer; however, you still handle the day-to-day operations.

What Makes Mavenspire the Right Support Resource?

The hardest part of new technology is the frustration of not knowing how to manage that technology. Because Mavenspire is a consulting company that also offers support, we can offer unique guidance in the integration of new technology into your environment. Even with a simple system, questions may come up over time as more people are using it or more requirements are put on it; with a complex system, full integration goes far beyond that first implementation project. We can offer troubleshooting, advice on best practices, advice on corollary systems that will/won’t work well, and a host of other intelligence to make your implementation ultimately successful, long-term, and not just successfully installed.

With our expertise and tenacity, you will never get a surface answer from us. We will dig until we find the right answer. This cuts to the root of why we do what we do. We love taking what is not working well and making it work better. We want to help you drive positive change within your organization. We want to see your people working better together. Reliable support is at the heart of that.

Some vendors provide outstanding support options for their systems, so one question that you should be asking is why you would need Mavenspire’s help on top of the vendor’s support. Our answer is that, unlike the vendor, we take an integrative approach to support. How often have you called one vendor about a problem you’re having, and you’re told that it’s probably X facet of your environment and you should call another vendor? In comparison, if troubleshooting a problem means investigating across multiple systems to determine the cause, we do that. If it means calling four vendors to work through one ticket across all of them, we do that, too. With us, it really doesn’t matter where the problem sits; our job is to get it resolved.

How Will This Service Provide Value to Your Organization?

Support services give you the on-demand technical expertise when you need it most. Even if you simply need some clarification regarding best practices for an issue, you can rely on us to provide the information you need to make an informed decision. Our goal is to support what you need in the short-term, as well as your long-term business objectives. By successfully solving the short-term challenges, your organization will see a cumulative positive effect in the long run.

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