Servers have the power to transform how businesses operate, and with so many options in the market it’s critical you choose a server that can meet everyone’s needs. The server solutions offered by Mavenspire fall into distinct categories, Converged, Rack, Tower, and Cloud Server Solutions.

Mavenspire’s Converged Server Solutions

Converged Server Solutions group compute, storage, and networking into an optimized package, and consist of:

Blade environments such as the M1000e are self-contained environments that combine plugin options for server, storage, and networking to create environments that work with virtualized and non-virtualized applications to increase performance, efficiencies and productivity. The Dell blade chassis supports up to 32 quarter height 2P blades, or can be customized to range of full height, half height, and even Dell PS series storage options. The redundant chassis also supports a large variety of integrated switches for Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and Infiniband.


FX Architecture is designed for the new age of data centers, and emphasizes support for software defined applications, dynamic block designs, and a “no compromises” performance, while optimizing for both old and new infrastructure. FX chassis are intended to be stacked together to create scale for larger applications and support for dissimilar workloads. This building block architecture also provides support for PCIe cards to support services not traditionally done with blade server form factors.


Dell PowerEdge VRTX combines 4 servers, 48 TB of storage and a network switch in a single tower chassis. VRTX operates quietly, making it an ideal solution for small offices, laboratories, or self-contained systems within the datacenter.


Mavenspire’s Rack Server Solutions

Rack servers are award-winning, #1 market position systems that scale from entry level 1P small form factor to 4P 4U boxes optimized to the most demanding mission critical applications. Top Rack Server Solutions include:


Mavenspire’s Tower Server Solutions

Tower servers utilize standalone server technology, designed for flexibility, availability and scalability, and range from the entry T20 or T110 through the customizable and storage focused T630.


Mavenspire’s Cloud Server Solutions

Whether you are working with the most demanding HPC workload, or creating large scale cloud solutions, the C-series combines space and power optimization with the latest in compute technologies, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) and increasing agility. Unlike its converged counter parts, the C-series emphasizes cost per unit by reducing management and other features considered basic to the enterprise, but unneeded to cloud service providers.


DSS-branded servers, part of Dell’s Datacenter Scalable Solutions, have been designed to meet the specific needs of large enterprises. They are some of the latest technology servers with redundancy capabilities and support allowing businesses to optimize for cost in large scale environments.

The Dell DSS 7000 is the industry’s densest storage server built to meet the storage needs of an exascale future. Building on its hyperscale leadership, the new storage server is based on the DCS XA90 and is capable of delivering up to 720 terabytes of storage in a single 4U chassis.

The Dell DSS 1500, DSS 1510 and DSS 2500 are new 1U and 2U servers that have been purpose-built to provide this set of customers with the technology they need for their specific workload needs. Featuring a minimalistic design, flexible storage and IO options, industry-standard baseboard management controller (BMC) systems management and the latest Intel Xeon processors, these new DSS servers aim to help customers maximize operational efficiency while providing optimal performance.

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