Orchestration & Automation

What Is Cloud Automation & Orchestration?

Cloud automation refers to tasks and/or processes that can be realized without a person’s involvement. Cloud orchestrationrefers to how these automated task are arranged or consolidated into a single process or workflow. Used in concert, these technologies allow for large scale operations that require little to no manual maintenance and maximum performance and reliability.

Automation and orchestration technologies are often used alongside cloud (private or public) operations where “infrastructure as code,” Development Operations (DevOps) or other image-based governance strategies are used to support IaaS, SaaS, or PaaS products.

Mavenspire’s Cloud Automation & Orchestration Solutions

Our expertise spans multiple vendor platforms, including:

  • VMware vRealize
  • Dell Cloud Manager
  • Dell Active System Manager
  • PuppetLabs Puppet
  • RedHat CloudForms
  • Redhat Ansible
  • Redhat OpenShift
  • OpenStack Heat
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • Ravello
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