Open Networking

Open Networking is the separation of hardware from software in networking components. It combines merchant silicon switching platforms with Software Defined networking into ready to use products that address today’s business needs.

As described by the Open Network Foundation “SDN is a new approach to networking in which network control is decoupled from the data forwarding function and is directly programmable. The result is an extremely dynamic, manageable, cost-effective, and adaptable architecture that gives administrators unprecedented programmability, automation, and control. Implementing SDN via an open standard enables extraordinary agility while reducing service development and operational costs, and frees network administrators to integrate best-of-breed technology as it is developed.”

This trend of using open platforms with cutting edge software for networks has accelerated greatly over the last 12 to 18 months. A vibrant ecosystem of startups and new products within industry leaders is a testament to the value these technologies bring. The carrier market and NFV applications of the technology are rapidly being adopted which provides a concrete example of mission critical loads being addressed with production ready versions of the Open Networking ecosystem.

Open Networking technologies are key in software defined data centers, where the ability to integrate, provision, and monitor switching fabrics is an integral part of intelligent orchestration.

Mavenspire Works with Following Vendors to Bring You Incredible Capabilities

Big Switch Networks


Big Switch Networks (BSN) works with Dell to offer:

  • Big Cloud Fabric™ (BCF) — a data center leaf-spine Clos fabric solution built using Dell open networking switches. BCF leverages the hardware-software disaggregation enabled by Dell and BSN software defined network (SDN) designs. Inspired by hyper-scale data center architectures, this solution provides significant cost savings and operational efficiencies for enterprise data centers.
  • Big Monitoring Fabric (BMF) — a solution that leverages Dell switches to provide a highly scalable, flexible, cost-effective monitoring network that enables you to track network traffic and deliver network monitoring, security monitoring and troubleshooting tools.

Cumulus Networks

Exploding data center network traffic and the spread of virtualization technologies require a backbone infrastructure that will stay ahead of these demands. Dell and Cumulus work together to transform the network with an innovative solution that combines the industry’s first, full-featured Linux OS with market-leading and field tested Dell Ethernet switching platforms. Dell with Cumulus can help you realize the full potential of a software-defined data center.

IP Infusion

Dell and IP Infusion help organizations gain greater flexibility to build, run and manage multiprotocol label switching (MPLS-) based virtual networks, independent of the physical network and provision services more quickly. This joint solution provides a competitive edge through maximum operational efficiency, agility and security.


Network virtualization overlays using Midokura’s Enterprise MidoNet platform over robust network underlays with Dell switches give you the power to do more, at cloud scale across a global environment. Dell and the Midokura Enterprise MidoNet team deliver an end-to-end solution with the flexibility to unify pools of virtualized and non-virtualized IT assets. Network virtualization with Midokura Enterprise MidoNet and the Dell data center S6000 switches provide the programmability, automation and cloud scalability to meet today’s complex network requirements.

Pluribus Networks

Pluribus Networks, with Dell, strive to help enterprise organizations deploy an open, programmable network virtualization solution that can handle not only the requirements of today but also transition to the SDN and private/hybrid cloud environments of tomorrow. Our solution enables you to combine the cost-effectiveness of Dell Open Networking brite-box platforms with Pluribus Networks NetVisor OS to build a high-availability fabric cluster with a single point of management and powerful analytics.


ProgrammableFlow SDN automates and simplifies network administration for greater business agility, and provides a network-wide programmable interface for unifying the deployment and management of network services with the rest of IT infrastructure. This open network architecture separates the network control plane from the data plane – centralizing and streamlining network administration.


NSX network virtualization is a transformative architecture from VMware that enables the full potential of a Software-Defined Data Center, making it possible to create and run entire networks in parallel on top of existing network hardware. This results in faster deployment of workloads, as well as greater agility in the face of increasingly dynamic data centers.

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