Who Is Nutanix?

Nutanix.pngNutanix is on a mission – to simplify on premise IT infrastructure. Dubbed Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, this consolidation of compute, storage and networking allows organizations to quickly assemble the right sized data center simply by picking the number of “legos” needed to get the job done. Each of the blocks are pre-defined with the capacity that it provides, making it an easy decision process combined with an easy installation process. Nutanix is consdiered a hypervisor agnostic solution – meaning that you can use the technology regardless of whether you prefer VMware, KVM, Hyper-V, or Nutanix’s own Acropolis.

Our Valuable Partnership

Mavenspire and Nutanix have a long history together. As a Dell Premier Partner, we both supported the creation of the OEM relationship that resulted in the Dell XC series web scale appliances, and have been working with the Nutanix technologies for several years. Nutanix has grown from its original VDI focus partnered with VMware to a true data center platform that supports multiple mission critical workloads – ranging from desktop to business intelligence and even unified communications.

Our Primary Solutions

Nutanix enables us to deliver solutions that:

  1. Reduce the costs associated data center infrastructure
  2. Move toward the public cloud provisioning experience without the side effects
  3. Provide the agility to scale to the performance needed by simply adding blocks
  4. Reduce the resources required to upkeep the IT data center, so the resources can focus on the business
Why Are IT Decision-makers Moving to Hyper-Converged Infrastructure?