Who Is Nexenta?

nexenta.pngWhat do cloud, business intelligence and big data have in common? They all define the need to store larger amounts of data. Nexenta is a software-defined storage leader whose portfolio includes block, file and object solutions to the ever increasing need to intelligently store and access information. Nexenta has always been a software company, starting with their focus on creating storage products that focus on ZFS and OpenSolaris. As a pure software company, they have the ability to adapt to any cloud, hardware and application requirement.

Today, Nexenta is a global leader in open source-driven, software-defined storage (OpenSDS) with 6,000+ customers, 400+ partners, 42 patents, and more than 1,500 petabytes of storage under management. Nexenta uniquely integrates deep software-only “open source” collaboration with one of the largest and most vibrant open source communities. In addition, they possess a comprehensive vision around a commodity hardware-centric “software-defined storage” innovation that enables any app, cloud platform and protocol.

Our Valuable Partnership

Nexenta provides a compelling set of products that can adapt to both simple and complex workflows within organizations while delivering at both the target performance and price. From hybrid cloud deployments in both public and private cloud, to industry specific data archives for digital asset storage, Nexenta storage platforms provide options that are free of the boundaries of pure hardware solutions.

Our Primary Solutions

Mavenspire uses Nexenta technology in solutions ranging from private cloud implementations with OpenStack or VMware to large storage infrastructures to house archival data that span into public cloud. These solutions provide:

  1. Superior cost per GB for our clients – delivering the right performance at the right cost
  2. Ensure data integrity and disaster recovery options
  3. Simply the solution so the focus can be on driving business value