Moves & Migrations

From Here to There

Moves and migrations require significant preparation, attention to detail, and ongoing effort. They tend to be disruptive and time-consuming, which make them difficult for many organizations to handle in-house. Mavenspire offers our extensive experience and skilled people to take the burden of moves and migrations, and let you get back to doing what you need to do.

Mavenspire defines moves as the relocation of physical equipment and/or services from one place to another. This might be another rack in a datacenter, or between datacenters, or into a third-party platform. Moves can range from very small (one piece of equipment) to large (an entire datacenter).

Migrations are the relocation of data, virtual workloads, or applications from one spot to another. This might be data migration, such as moving between two file or block storage systems. It might be migrations between an old and new hypervisor environment. It may be moving workloads between traditional environments and a Mode 2 environment.

We combine our knowledge of both very complex and simple moves/migrations with our extensive experience and skilled resources to streamline the process for cleaner, faster results.


  • Site survey: An inspection of the proposed work area to determine precise location, access and best orientation for the site. It can also help locate any potential obstacles to achieving the desired result.
  • Determination of approach: Choosing the best way to get the move accomplished in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Physical move: Safely bring everything down and move to the new location. Then, bring everything back up.
  • Verification: Test to make sure everything is working as expected. All parties agree that the move was completed successfully.
  • Documentation: Record of the move.



  • Data survey: An inspection of the data to migrate.
  • Determination of approach: Taking into account any applicable outage windows and setting client impact expectations.
  • Set up of the migration environment: Setting up the resources required to migrate from source to destination.
  • Perform the migration: Includes initial move, interim syncing as required, and cutover.
  • Verification: Test to make sure everything is working as expected. All parties agree that the migration is successful.

Make Your Next Move with Mavenspire

Moves and migrations are labor-intensive, requiring focus on details and time consuming tasks, which often results in an organization losing valuable resources and staff to the potential bottomless pit of doing that work. By working with us, your moves and migrations will not only be handled by experts, they will be more efficient and less stressful for you and your team.

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