IDC’s Digital Universe study predicts the world’s data will amount to 44 zettabytes by 2020, 10% of it from the internet of things

That is a long way from the 100 terabyte solutions considered so massive 5 years ago, or even the 10 petabyte solutions considered so now. Data storage is a complex problem that involves such factors as performance, scalability, efficiency, and of course cost. With the industry reporting this level of growth, its no wonder that the pace of storage technology innovation is potentially faster than light speed.

Mavenspire works with both centralized and distributed storage solutions, scaling from servers with local storage (DAS) to enterprise class SAN arrays and filers (SAN/NAS), and even large scale object storage.

What Are Enterprise Storage Solutions?

Enterprise Storage Solutions provide the performance, feature set, and cost structure needed to support and operate mission critical applications at levels at or above the expectations of the business. Enterprise class features these days include features such as

  • SSD, Flash, or Caching
  • Snapshots and/or Replication
  • Automated Tiering, Deduplication, and Compression (Data Efficiency)
  • Unified Protocols (iSCSI, FC, FCoE, NFS, SMB, FTP, etc)

Software-Defined Storage Solutions:

At its core, software defined solutions provide the same features as Enterprise Solutions, but without dependence on proprietary hardware. These solutions are typically very flexible in their implementation and can span everything from performance Hyper-Converged Platforms to large archives based on servers being retired from production use.  All software defined technologies are focused on automating and optimizing business operations. An example of some of the ways SDs can change your business:

  • Always select the optimal hardware platform based on cost/need and software for your organization
  • Update and add new IT capabilities more quickly
  • Reduce risk and save time for with a single contact for both services and support

Flash Storage Solutions:

Flash solutions are increasing dominating in the storage industry. As the price per GB equals spinning media, flash solutions gain market share. Mavenspire recognizes that there are really two main kinds of flash solutions in the marketplace: the general purpose solution, and the performance options. General Purpose solutions are hybrid or all flash configurations that are focused on capacity, latency, and predictable performance well above the type spinning disk based solutions. These systems tend to top out around 300K IOPS and have flash capacities ranging from 1 to 100TB (and this is increasing each year). The performance systems focus on delivering speeds in excess of 1M IOPS at little to no latency. Both are important to different segments of clients businesses and provide an immediate method to reinvigorate legacy application performance.

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