Design & Implementation

From Soup to Nuts or A La Carte

You will, at one point or another, need a technical solution designed and implemented within your organization. It may be because you’re putting in a new system, or it may be because the business has an exciting new go-to-market strategy. Maybe you only need the design done, and you can handle implementation. Maybe you have the perfect design, but you need someone to do the work of implementation. Or, possibly, you just want everything handled beautifully because you need it right and you have other things to focus on.

At Mavenspire, we take a balanced approach between standards and individualized design. As an experienced firm, we understand the high level of diversity that exists across a wide range of industries. When you work with us, we will take the time to learn about your organization’s individual needs and expectations before we begin the design process. At the same time, we offer the risk mitigation of having created and implemented designs, using our own internal best practices and standards as well as vendor and industry best practices, successfully and many times over.

Our implementation teams have significant training, expertise, and real-world experience. They offer an understanding of the solutions they are implementing that goes beyond just “connect this cable here”. This in turn gives you the reassurance that the solution will be implemented in a way that is appropriate for your environment.

The Process


The design of a solution begins with an understanding of the business outcomes you are hoping to achieve. Mavenspire leads this discussion with you to determine what criteria you would use to determine a successful solution. Once we have that information, we begin a requirements analysis and best practice review to determine the correct solution or solutions for your goals/needs, in your environment. We then put together a design or multiple designs, depending on your desired outcome, and present you with your options.


With design document in hand and metric of success clearly defined, the process for implementation begins. The first step within the implementation is for us to gather any information needed to move forward with implementing the new design. These are generally the specifics of configuration, placement, and logistics.

Next comes the actual installation of the hardware, software, or system, including the addition or configuration of all components required to work with your particular environment. Unless specifically not required by the client, we also include integration within the existing environment, which is a key component of a successful implementation.

Finally, Mavenspire offers options for post-implementation support for 30 to 60 days as part of the implementation process. We can also provide ongoing support options, as needed.

Where Projects Often Go Wrong

Where do most design and implementation projects go wrong? In our experience, it’s due to errors and omissions during the design phase. Often, the design was too high-level without the appropriate amount of attention to detail. That is why we take pride in bringing a wealth of knowledge to our clients by thinking of both the big and little pieces and understanding the significant impact of not having the necessary items to complete the new design. Our goal is to help you achieve your high-level objectives in an efficient manner.

When you work with us, you can relax in knowing that your design and implementation project will be accomplished faster, more efficiently and with fewer errors. Implemented appropriately for your organization, the new design will grow with you and continue to work with you over time.

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