Many think that an organization’s security is the responsibility of only the CISO, but that’s no longer the case. The last few years have seen an accelerating pace of cybercrime, with its perpetrators becoming more sophisticated as well, it is necessary for proactive and protective responsibilities to be shared across the organization.

While technology is a fundamental part of our global society, its importance makes us increasingly vulnerable to those who would exploit it.

Companies must acknowledge that many of their day-to-day operations can occur in potentially compromised environments, and thus investing in their own security is vital for their long-term survival and success.

Mavenspire is dedicated to building security into all of our solutions, transforming strategies that take only the perimeter or specific applications into account into core technical requirements all elements of the technical infrastructure.

Mavenspire’s Security Solutions

We are commonly asked what the most common steps are in evaluating and securing an organization with an existing technology infrastructure. For those looking how to make an immediate difference the following point solutions will be a starting point.

  • Assessment: Educate and assess your organization: Social engineering hacks are nearly 100% effective; simply running PCI scans are not enough, they only tell you about know application attacks, not overall security
  • Perimeter Security: These are your castle walls – but the castle now includes cloud, external vendors, mobile clients, IoT devices, and a slew of new challenges – stay ahead to keep the walls strong
  • Mobility: Provide anytime, anywhere access to essential data and applications without compromising security
  • End-to-End Encryption: From your desktops to your data center,information should be easily seen by authorized personnel and useless to others.
  • Privileged User Management: Control administrative access to your organization’s assets to limit zero-day threat capabilities without limiting the ability to manage

Our security solutions aim to keep your organization, its users, and its data completely secure without compromising your network’s performance.  The secret to success is to ensure that security is not a fabric of point solutions, but a single integrated strategy covering storage, transit, and access platforms.

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