Top 10 Benefits of VDI

As more organizations move to the cloud, consider the way you want to handle the changes. There are key benefits of VDI, including increased access to your network users’ desktops, improved data security, and less expended effort for troubleshooting. Here’s more about the top ten benefits of this type of infrastructure.

1. You use a smaller amount of bandwidth

One of the benefits of VDI is that it puts all information that ordinarily would be on a user’s computer on a server in a data center. You can save both time and money by making the same data available to all users on the network.

2. You can reduce IT costs up to 30 percent

You can install updates and patches once rather than many times. You also have only one system to troubleshoot rather than several. This helps your organization by allowing your IT staff to focus on significant issues instead of engaging in redundant work for every computer in the network.

3. Users can access workstations anywhere

One of the most significant benefits of VDI is users can access their workstations from all types of devices, from smartphones and iPads, to laptops and desktops out of the office. In addition, on all devices, the user interface and layout will be the same. This increases agility and reduces the employee learning curve.

4. Data is more secure

Data is better protected when stored on the server rather than on individual devices. This helps a company protect its data and reduce the chance of file corruption by viruses.

5. You can assign information access according to an employee’s security clearance

You can provide users different levels of access depending on their security clearance. This provides agencies with the ability to establish barriers for content and activities.

6. You can use VDI to access very large files

One of the main benefits of VDI is that all users on a network can access large files like CAD documents and video files. Individual devices would expend unnecessary amount of time and energy accomplishing this on a local area network.

7. The graphics for VDI are better than before

The image quality for graphics and text is vastly superior to previous years. The user experience for VDI has been greatly improved, and you can add graphics acceleration to further enhance the quality.

8. You can back up data just once

If you have the right procedures in place, you can back up data without the risk of losing any files. This reduces costs and allows backups to be conducted regularly.

9. You save power

If you have the right procedures in place, you can back up data without the risk of losing any files. This reduces costs and allows backups to be conducted regularly.

10. VDI has seen significant advancements in recent years

VDI no longer requires big budgets, time, and dedicated resources. Changes have made it possible for more organizations to spend less time, effort, and money setting up the infrastructure.

Final Thought

VDI is a way to centralize your company’s information and files, but this method of organization does not work well for everyone. Although the benefits of VDI are many, first determine how many users you want to serve and whether they will benefit from having access to similar applications and data.


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