We Kicked Out NetApp with a Suite Win

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We recently discovered one of our banking customers whose DR strategy was a combination of local Veeam backup and Zerto replication to a cloud service. The local backups were written to the same Netapp storage array as their primary workloads. The replication served as the primary method for recovery in the event of service disruption. The customer was struggling with how to increase their resilience to security events and satisfy the need to store multiple long-term retention backups offsite.

Our competition’s strategy was to acquire an additional 60TB of NetApp storage to have a dedicated backup storage while freeing up the space being used in production.

I think we can do better, don’t you?
Mavenspire and Dell EMC proposed alternate solutions providing increased efficiency, scale and data security. We were able to introduce the concept of backup storage (Data Domain) and position solutions to work with Veeam while providing a more automated experience with IDPA. During the conversations, we discovered that certain enterprise applications based on MSSQL were having issues with Veeam. Alas, we positioned DDBOOST and DPS Suite as alternative methods to achieve the same goal.

Here is where we kick them all out…
Ultimately the customer chose to use two Data Domains (one production and one DR) with replication between them meeting the backup need to increase data retention and security, process efficiency and remedy replication issues. They are now exploring the ease of use of DPS Suite- The outcome was a ransomware resistant, economically superior cost to serve backups for retention and is bullet proof.

To sum It up..
Mavenspire and Dell were able to secure a technical win of the Data Domain and DPS solution despite the original NetApp request being less than half the cost. The customer was impressed with the automation and reliability of Data Domain as a backup appliance, and the efficiency of deduplication and replication provided by the Data Protection Suite and DDBoost. A great case of selling the superior backup and data protection features of Data Domain and DPS to beat a cheaper, business-as-usual solution.

#bettertogether with Juan Velasquez, Vincent Gaudemaud, Mark Craft and Angel Resto

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