The Value of Evaluation

Evaluation in the form of a formal assessment of technology can serve many purposes. You may have a problem that you can’t resolve, often because it is broad or untraceable and no one cause can be determined; an assessment can serve to clarify the factors and point to a resolution path. Perhaps your organization made an investment in some technology and would like to determine what the return on investment has been; an assessment can provide a clear valuation of a both hard and soft returns. Sometimes you may want third-party validation of a system, process, or environment; assessments provide that feedback. You may want to know the value of a technology or set of technologies in support of one or more business strategies; assessments can give you a broad, far-seeing view to help determine future paths.

Mavenspire has been doing formal assessments of environments, technologies, and processes for a decade or more. Through our years of experience, we have developed a strict approach to assessments. We start by taking inventory, a factual, objective census that makes no value judgements on the data and eliminates no lines of research. Next, we analyze the collected data, using best practice information, industry specific knowledge, and our own experience across multiple environments and organizations to make a determination of benefits, detriments, and potential risks. Lastly, we provide recommendations based on the analysis; these recommendations help to further weight the .information provided in the analysis – some problems, for instance, may be more trouble to solve than they actually cause in the first place – and provide a path for improvement or future actions.

To help make synthesizing all this information easier for you, we offer a single-page dashboard that features the outcomes of your assessment, in order of priority.

Where Assessments Can Go Wrong

While organizations benefit from assessments in multiple ways, assessments often “go down the rabbit hole” by not separating out inventory and analysis. One piece of data leads to discarding other pieces of data and following up on one point at the sacrifice of another. In addition to being time-consuming and frequently confusing in its stops, starts, and backtracks, this lack of discipline in an assessment can lead to erroneous analysis because it does not look at the entirety of what is being assessed. That is why we’ve worked so hard to develop our methodology, which is designed to streamline the assessment process and avoid any muddy results that are the direct consequence of muddy input.

At Mavenspire, we make no assumptions in our assumptions and avoid the false leads of preconceptions. Your environment is unique and we evaluate it as such.

Gain Critical Insights with Mavenspire

With our assessment services, you’ll gain greater visibility into the specific makeup of your system or environment. Our assessments provide you with information on aspects of that environment that you didn’t know about or simply couldn’t identify. And down the road, our assessments offer recommendations that help you address immediate problems while providing additional insights into what your business is doing well and what it could be doing better to bring about enhanced performance in the future.

Whether you’re looking at the next six months or in the years to come, our professional assessment services can help you improve the internal workings of your company, transforming and propelling your business forward.

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