Mavenspire is a blend of unique talents (and personalities) that you won’t find anywhere else.


Michael Tanenhaus, Founder & CEO

As CEO of Mavenspire, Michael provides the vision for the company, translating its 5- and 10- year goals into short-term action plans and shepherding those plans along the way to success.

Prior to founding Mavenspire, Michael worked as a technical consultant for the entirety of his career, developing hands-on experience working for companies and clients within a wide variety of industries and sectors. From the start, Michael’s goal had been to use technology to innovate the processes of all organizations he worked with.

Michael, entrepreneurial by nature (He started his first company at the age of 13!), strives constantly for perfection and client success. He and Mavenspire add great value to their clients and partners by seeking long-term relationships rather than transactions, striving to see them successful in both the short- and long-term.

When not at Mavenspire, Michael might be found playing video games with his son, or working out in a HIIT weight workout.

Jessica Tanenhaus, Director of Consulting Services

Jessica brings her love of processes to Mavenspire, driving the team to improve internal efficiencies and ensure that excellent service is provided to each and every client.

Before joining Mavenspire in 2004, Jessica worked on many different aspects of technology, from end user training to development, before moving on to data center technologies and beyond. She has worked with small companies, operating on little more than a shoestring, as well as Fortune 500 companies, allowing her to apply solutions and provide services to companies of all sizes.

Jessica is committed to forming effective teams that share her passion for ensuring that all projects succeed and all problems are solved, regardless of what it takes to reach that resolution

When not at Mavenspire, Jessica might be found teaching herself Hebrew (her first non-European language!), composing songs, or playing with the three adorable house rabbits that she has adopted.

Brett Hair, Director of Sales

Brett ensures a high level of customer service while working to help his clients win. His vision for how sales can be part of the success of a highly technical company comes through in his vision of success: Mavenspire succeeds when their clients succeed, true especially in the long-term.

Brett’s career ranges from coaching to sales, but he has always focused on the long-term, from planning to ensuring the success of those that have worked with him. Considered a maven in his own right, he strives to find win-win solutions for his teams and his prospects.

This past autumn Brett took his first trip to Europe with his wife to celebrate their tenth anniversary in the place that he promised her when they started dating. Italy was everything he dreamed that it would be.

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